Miguel  Llobet y Soles


Llobet’s lifespan, almost exactly one century later than his compatriot Fernando Sor prompted Stefano Grondona to name Sor and Llobet a “Catalonian Binomial”. Both these figures are very different from their respective contemporaries. 

In the history of the guitar Llobet occupies a special place. As the only virtuoso pupil of Tárrega, and account of his extraordinary talent and the fact that he was approachable, Miguel Llobet was destined to become a Leitfigur for following generations of guitarists. He is a link to the past - and the link to the future.

Llobet’s output of only 14 original compositions (vol. 2) is heavily outnumbered by his 118 innovative and revolutionary transcriptions and adaptations for guitar (Vols. 4-8) and guitar duo (vols. 9-12). The Sor and Carcassi facsimile editions from Llobets personal library, with his own marked-in fingering, are in vols.13-14, and the Lira Orfeo ensemble works are in vos. 14 and 16.

A revolutionary, brilliant but modest and approachable man with a deep respect for the past, who forged the way for the guitar into the 20th century. As the only virtuoso pupil of Tárrega his destiny was to be a key link between the guitar’s past and its future - he changed the way the guitar was played and perceived, wherever he went. He was also a huge influence in the formation of Andrés Segovia. His pupils included Regino and Eduardo Sainz de la Maza, José Rey de la Torre, Honorino Lopez and many more, they were pupils of his and all of them had pupils whom many people today know or had the privilege to have known.